De Toren Private Wine Cellar Team


Daniel R. Mueller

Daniel R. Mueller, CEO De Toren Holding AG Switzerland

Daniel has been an esteemed investment banker for the past 25 years, acquired vast experience while working in New York, London and Zurich. Being of Swiss descent after more than 20 years travelling back and forth to South Africa, it has become his second home. Becoming one of the two new main shareholders truly made a dream come true to spend his life between Switzerland and South Africa. In August 2018, this was made official when Daniel and his fiancé decided on a part-time relocation to the Cape Winelands. This will enable him to be actively involved in the management of De Toren Private Cellar.

“We’re inheriting an award-winning brand with a stellar Bordeaux-styled portfolio that has captivated palates around the globe. Upholding the high standards that our predecessors have set is a task we take to heart. We are committed to continuing the legacy of De Toren, expanding the vision and taking the story even further.”

Albie Koch

Albie Koch, Managing Director

Stellenbosch native Albie Koch is committed to creating wines that are elegant, nuanced, silky soft and true to the terroir at De Toren. De Toren flows from Albie’s winemaking and vineyard practices, his passion for the land and his connection to Stellenbosch.

“We do not adopt a blanket approach to anything we do. We use modern technology available and access the knowledge pool of the University of Stellenbosch to assist us. We choose the correct rootstocks for the correct soil and give it the correct irrigation and gentle treatment in order for the plant to reach the optimal and near-perfect berry…delivering the desired style of our wines.”

Charles Williams, First Winemaker

Charles Williams, Cellar Master

Charles was offered the position of assistant wine maker in 2008 at De Toren and became head wine maker in 2011. His belief is to grow the most perfect, complex berries. By studying nature acutely his aspiration is to guide each vine towards growing the most perfect berries, by giving special attention to the vines as and when needed.

“Winemaking is a natural process and he does not believe that one should overpower the identity of a wine with too much “winemaking techniques”. “The wines should be unique and reflect the vintage, estate’s best potential and its terroir seamlessly. This is what ultimately differentiate winning wineries, different regions and different cultivars and sets one apart in a very competitive market.”