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Book XVII Red Wine

BOOK XVII has an opulent crème de-cassis, fruitcake and fig scented bouquet with a palate that is ostentatious. However, this full-bodied turbo-charged wine is so silky smooth and seductive in a way that its charms are impossible to resist. Previously voted as South Africa’s Best Luxury Wine, the ultra-luxurious Book XVII recently also secured itself the title as South Africa’s Highest Rated Wine Ever by the esteemed USA publisher, Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

Finest Grape Selection



A tribute to the viticulture wisdom, research and scrupulous documentation of ancient Roman philosopher, Pliny the Elder, this limited-edition wine, produced in association with Luxumbourg-registered company, Expression Unique SARL, is worthy of its illustrious place on the global fine-wine podium. In the same way that Pliny stressed the significance of viticulture practices in the winemaking process, so Book XVII is the fruit of 20 years’ exhaustive recording and analysis of countless vineyard variables, from soil composition and weather conditions to oceanographic influences.

Using state-of-the-art equipment such as infrared aerial imaging, specific vines are singled out for the making of this exceptional wine, their cultivation and nourishment conducted on an individual basis by dedicated staff skilled in the art of precision winemaking. With its maiden vintage in 2010, and with no more than 1 200 exclusively numbered bottles produced with each vintage, Book XVII is poised to become an icon of history in its own right, and one that Pliny, no doubt, would have given his coveted stamp of approval. Handmade and crafted at De Toren Private Cellar.


  • Dropping crop loads to 300g per vine (Usually 3kg per vine)
  • Each bunch hand manicured on the vine
  • Hand harvesting and destemming with workers wearing surgical gloves
  • Fermented in New French Oak Barrels
  • Hand punch-down
  • Ageing in 200% new premium French oak for 18 months
  • 200% new oak. Wine is aged for 12 months in new French Oak and transferred to new French Oak Barrels again for 6 months
  • No machinery or mechanical equipment used
  • Hand bottled with no filters


For optimum enjoyment, decant atleast one hour before consumption. It is recommended to serve this wine at optimal temperature (15 – 18 degrees Celcius).

Ageing Potential

40 years + expected

Food Pairing

Cuban Cigar