Journal Exceptional is curated to always keep you informed on the global food & wine scene, luxury craft & design, estate experiences and so much more.
Journal Exceptional is curated to always keep you informed on the global food & wine scene, luxury craft & design, estate experiences and so much more.


Estate Experience Feature

Cape Town Gems to Inspire Your Next Trip

1 December 2023 | BY Charelle van den Berg

We share a few hidden gems in and around Cape Town...

Estate Experience

Art by MIES Featured on the Estate

12 July 2023 | BY Charelle van den Berg

We invite you to take a closer look at MIES artworks featured on the walls of the estate…

Estate Experience

Frequently Asked Questions On Estate Tours

12 July 2023 | BY Mariette Carstens

In this blog, we continue to answer some of the most frequently asked questions on estate tours.


Luxury Food & Wine Scene

A festive culinary delight: Venison tataki paired with Fusion V

1 December 2023 | BY De Toren Private Cellar

Explore the gastronomic masterpiece that will elevate your De Toren Fusion V experience this festive season…

Luxury Food & Wine Scene

The Art of Artisanal Platters – Food And Wine Pairings

21 October 2022 | BY Charelle van den Berg

A new season brings a new selection of delicious food and wine pairings hand-selected by our Winemaker and Cellar Master partnering with a private chef.

Luxury Food & Wine Scene

Five De Toren Wines Paired with Five Superb Festive Dishes

3 December 2021 | BY Mariette Carstens

The season of festive celebrations, extravagant lunches and jovial dinners is upon us. Hence, it goes without saying that it is time to bring out those delectable festive dishes that call for the finest of wines to accompany them.


Innovation & Sustainability

Elevated Quality Control Through Advanced Pruning

22 September 2023 | BY Mariette Carstens

Our Felco electro-portable pruning scissors, while serving the same core purpose as traditional ones, offer remarkable improvements in power, versatility, consistency, and time efficiency.

Innovation & Sustainability

Winemaker, Martin Fourie on De Toren’s 2023 Harvest

12 July 2023 | BY De Toren Private Cellar

As a result of the cold and rainy season, the 2023 vintage held us on our toes with just nineteen harvest days in total. Yet, this harvest season delivered grapes with dense and superb character!

Innovation & Sustainability

Winemaker, Martin Fourie shares his views on the 2023 Vintage

21 February 2023 | BY De Toren Private Cellar

The 2023 vintage is set to be another memorable one, as our winemaking team shares their thoughts in this blog...

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Luxury Craft & Design

The 2018 Vintage of Edition Z has Launched

21 February 2023 | BY Mariette Carstens

We reveal the new packaging of the 2018 Right-Bank Bordeaux style vintage - De Toren Edition Z. Affectionately known as ‘Z’ by wine aficionados across the world, the symphonic blend of five Bordeaux varietals has a slightly modified name and a stunning new label that showcases its 15-year legacy and the recent brand relaunch.

Luxury Craft & Design

The Dashing New Look | De Toren Edition Z

21 October 2022 | BY Charelle van den Berg

We are thrilled to finally share our Edition Z 2018 with the world. This luxurious wine will be officially released in November 2022.

Luxury Craft & Design

The Bespoke New Look of the Iconic Fusion V

14 April 2022 | BY Anja Bekker

This reveal accompanies both the remarkable 2019 vintage official release and celebrates the 20th edition of this iconic wine...



Paying Tribute to one of the World’s most Endangered Species

21 October 2022 | BY Mariette Carstens

To honour our adopted white rhino, we released an exceptional wine which, like Kimba, is rare and unparalleled.


Meet Kimba, De Toren’s New Rhino Family Member

14 April 2022 | BY Mariette Carstens

In honour of our African roots, we recently adopted Kimba, a white rhino, one of the species amongst the world's most threatened...


De Toren Contributes to an Exceptional Cause

28 September 2020 | BY Mariette Carstens

On the 21st of August, local and international golf enthusiasts gathered at the beautiful Golfpark Holzhäusern in Switzerland to raise funds for a remarkably good cause. This gathering is better known as the Golf for Africa event and is internationally regarded as one of the most prestigious initiatives. This was the third edition of the […]