We were delighted to recently receive superb news from the respected South African Wine Index (SAWI), following the publication of their annual list of South Africa’s top performing wines. Established in 2009, as an independent body, with the aim of identifying South Africa’s finest wines, SAWI introduced a prestigious list better known as South Africa’s Grand Wines Collection.

Each year tribute is given to wines that have set a benchmark for aspirational wine quality and have consistently been accredited for wine excellence over a multitude of vintages. This year, our philosophy of investing craftsmanship in our winemaking processes has yet again been acknowledged and De Toren was awarded with SAWI’s Certificate of Excellence. This certificate is in honour of our renowned Bordeaux-style wines, De Toren Z and De Toren Fusion V for continually achieving worldly rankings of 93/ 100 and higher.

Our iconic Merlot dominant Bordeaux-style blend, De Toren Z was awarded the sought-after Grand Gold Status, whereas our Cabernet Sauvignon dominant Bordeaux-style blend, De Toren Fusion V was granted Platinum Status.

We are truly honoured by this esteemed acknowledgement and feel privileged to have been included among this prestigious SA wine collection since its inception.