Please tell us a bit about your background. Where you have previously worked and how you got into the industry?

My mother opened a restaurant when I was 12 years old. That was the beginning but I needed more time to follow in her footsteps. I attended the hotel management school and after finishing, I became an Assistant Restaurant Manager. I then moved on to become a Manager at different restaurant. I later worked on sailing ship for 6 months, then Food & Beverage Manager in a hotel in Piedmont Italy. My next job was just for the winter season in St. Moritz before we opened Camino.

Tell us where you work now and a little bit about the restaurant?

I still work at Camino. I am responsible for the wine cellar, marketing, restaurant service and I’m also the Sommelier. Camino is a small cozy restaurant with seasonal dishes, smoker rooms and a beautiful garden. Our Chef has been with us for 5 years. We opened Camino in August 2009. For our size we have a long wine list, about 220 wine listings.

What do you love most about your job?

To make our guests happy!!! To be with people. I love food and wine. It’s nice to work in this industry. Also I love to do different things. Every day is different. Sometimes I have a lot to do in the office, the next day I’m in the cellar or at a degustation. If I am not busy with the previously mentioned then I’m in waiting on tables.

How and where did you get introduced to De Toren wines?

Trough a good friend… Jimmy Lindo… He loves the wine as much as you can. I also love the wines from you. Especially older Fusion V vintages. I have visited your estate before. Nice!!!!

How would you describe the relationship between food and wine?

Uff, it’s very difficult to explain this in English ūüôā For me, good food without wine is half as good. It’s so interesting and nice how wine and food can match together. For me it’s some of the most relaxing things to enjoy a good lunch or dinner with great wine. I also enjoy wine with my family, boyfriend and friends but also just alone. On my days off I like to cook with a good glass of white wine beside me.

What is your favourite dish to pair with De Toren Wines? Why do the flavors work so well together?

I love Fusion V with a nice grilled bison rib eye. The grilled taste from the meat, the oak & fruit taste from the wine… Mmmmhhh!!! Lovely! On hot days like today I love to drink La Jeunesse Delicate a little bit colder than the other red wines. It fits very well with our dish; short sauteed tuna with watermelon, coriander, limes and red onions.

Why are you a fan of De Toren wines?

You have high quality wines, the balance between the oak and the fruit is perfect. I love the grapes you use (Bordeaux blend) and I like De Toren since I was at your vineyard. The people there were very friendly, they are working very hard and clean. Emil is also a really nice guy. I really like all your wines but we know there a lot of good wines on earth. With De Toren it’s something different because Emil was here and I was on your vineyard. My friend Jimmy loves your wine as much somebody can love a wine. It’s special; I have a lot of good memories with De Toren! Also when we were drinking your light La Jeunesse Delicate at the pool in Stellenbosch. When I recommend Fusion V in my restaurant my guests are always happy with the decision. For a long time I only had Fusion V from the new world wines on my wine list. Now I have a second wine but nothing more. The other ones are all from Europe.