When the stars and all the elements collide to produce a spectacularly good harvest, the results are always felt (and tasted, of course) in the wine. Industry wide the season of 2017 was earmarked as spectacular, and for De Toren, it was no different. The year 2017 is fondly remembered by our team for the incredible craftsmanship that went into producing one of the most outstanding vintages yet of De Toren Z, our famed Right Bank Bordeaux-style blend.

It was a season when perfectly ripened vine fruits were optimally harvested; gently reaped and sorted by the hands of our team of ladies, so that only the finest grapes were put forward for pressing and maturation in the cellar. This is the journey that our cellar team at De Toren undertook to co-create a superlative wine, i.e., De Toren Z 2017 vintage, in partnership with our key collaborator, Mother Nature. 

The favourable weather conditions of the season contributed to making the 2017 vintage one of the finest yet. It was a year in which the vines were perfectly balanced and restrained, producing the smallest, most concentrated berries. These hand-harvested grapes were transformed by sustainable and intelligent viniculture, resulting in this coveted vintage of De Toren Z being the highest awarded vintage yet and a true collector’s prize. 

At De Toren, the noble Bordeaux varietals are an expression of ancient South African soils and our signature winemaking style. As a result of all these factors – terroir, timing, technique and passion – commands attention on the palate when savouring the acclaimed De Toren Z 2017.

Reveals subtle hints of spices, ripe blackberries, plum and cherries. The integrated, complex and beautifully rounded tannins of this expressive and superbly vibrant blend ensure a velvety, lingering finish. At the olfactory level, there is a subtle hint of aniseed on the nose. This full-bodied blend maintains a sleek tannin structure with an immaculate developing palate.”


This is indeed a decidedly beautiful wine. As a result, UK-based Master of Wine (SA), Greg Sherwood, granted the De Toren Z 2017 a remarkable 95 points. British Master of Wine, Tim Atkin, was of the same opinion and awarded it a stellar 93 points. These scores make the renowned De Toren Z 2017 vintage the highest awarded vintage to date.

Such has been the demand for this superior wine that most of this reputable vintage’s production,  limited-edition bottles have already found their place with eager oenophiles. There is however a small reserve still available since De Toren has finally released the last few cases for acquirement one last time. Lovers of fine wine and serious collectors alike should not hesitate to claim the last few remaining bottles. This wine will reward at nearest enjoyment and promises to be even more exceptional in time as it carries an aging potential of 18 years plus.  

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