The epitome of meticulous winemaking, The Black Lion is one of the most luxurious 100% Shiraz ever produced in South Africa. Exquisitely handcrafted, this bespoke Shiraz is born out of De Toren’s continuous quest for the exceptional. We are thrilled to present The Black Lion as an heirloom piece that bears testament to our team’s profound skill, passion and dedication. A mere 1 162 bottles of the 2020 vintage have now officially been released from our cellar.

This is the 9th vintage release of this extremely limited-edition wine. For the 2020 vintage, the Shiraz grapes, though slightly smaller in size, were more powerful than previous vintages. Full-bodied and with great depth, the result is a robust and vibrant vintage with unequivocally expressive flavours.

The Black Lion 2020 vintage is exceptionally multi-layered, with complex aromas of blackberry, spicy pepper notes and a hint of toasty cigar. On the palate, it has a firm yet elegant tannin structure showcasing concentrated purple, black fruit and wood-delivered sweet spices, which lures one into a long, intense finish.

There is nothing else like this magnificent 100% Shiraz. It has even more richness, boldness and elegance than before, with the most luxurious mouthfeel. It is unlike anything you have ever tasted.

– Charles Williams | Cellar Master

In crafting The Black Lion, our winemaking team enlists the original virtues of making wine combined with the latest viticulture and viniculture technology. The grapes are cultivated from specially selected vines, with a mere four clusters of grapes grown per vine to ensure that grapes of only the finest quality are produced.

The grapes are assembled in a masterful alchemy. They are drawn from the distinct terroirs of the Swartland, which contributes to the raw power of the vintage, and Stellenbosch, which ensures its undeniable elegance.

During the ripening process, each of the bunches are individually nurtured and manicured by hand before being hand-harvested and gently destemmed. The sorting and selecting of only the finest berries are followed by fermentation and aging in new French Oak barrels.

The winemaking process culminates with each of the 1 162 bottles of The Black Lion 2020 being individually numbered and labeled by hand and gently placed in a specially-crafted black wooden case. This is presented with an iconic key, to unlock and enjoy upon purchase or to ensure the safekeeping of this rare collector’s item with an ageing potential of over 40 years…

Crafted from the age-old soils of Africa, The Black Lion pays tribute to the black-maned Cape Lions that once roamed this ancient land. In this, it marries the old world with the new, to produce a bold yet unquestionably elegant wine.

The perfect gift for that special someone that has absolutely everything else.

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