The philosophy of De Toren has always been to produce perfectly balanced and complex wines of the highest quality for our client’s sheer enjoyment. This article is a celebration of appreciation of our wine collection and we thought it well to share the thoughts of our valued clients, as shared on Vivino.

De Toren’s objective is to always stay true to our values of Exclusive Craftsmanship, in everything we do. This includes every step of the way – from the work we do in our vineyards, right through to harvest, the maturation process, blending, and of course the packaging that is done by hand.

This quest for perfection will never waiver or change. That’s why, for a moment we’ve put all official reviews and ratings aside to rather get a glimpse of our client’s thoughts.


David Fabricius, South Africa – Vivino 5*
“A bucket list wine. Big, bold smooth and all what you expect a world class Shiraz to be.”

Yves Tschumi, Switzerland – Vivino 5*
“What a Syrah. Peppermint, dark berries, creating a harmony and elegance. A big movie theater.”

Clyde & Peggy, South Africa – Vivino 5*
“A film producer former client shared this monster of a Shiraz with us. We think he was crazy to open her so young. She is a big (Really BIG), bold, powerful, beautiful kitten that has the ability to be stored for the long haul (25yrs+ easily) & still be a mighty big cat doing cart wheels out of the glass when she matures.”

Johrit Schellingerhout, Netherlands  – Vivino 5*
“Best Ever!”

James Geldenhuys, South Africa  – Vivino 5*
“Cannot help to agree with 5 stars. I am not a Shiraz fan, but if all Shiraz taste like this, I will drink Shiraz all day and all night. This is the kind of bottle which you almost don’t want to share.”



Monni Claude, Luxembourg – Vivino 5*
“Amazing stuff. Enough said.”

Overton Andy, United States – Vivino 5*
“A beautifully complex wine, a journey in a bottle. I really disliked having to share this… A work of art in liquid form”

Patricia VD M, South Africa – Vivino 5*
“Oh my! I’m speechless, such a perfect wine.”

Marcus Reppel, Switzerland – Vivino 5*
“Wow, craftsmanship at its best!”

Lourens du Plessis, South Africa – Vivino 5*
“A rare masterpiece. Unique and truly something special.”

Paul Frankhuizen, Netherlands – Vivino 5*
“Bam, this is a big wine from De Toren Private Cellar. Concentration, acidity, tannins all in place.”

Marleen Lennox, South Africa  – Vivino 5*
“This is in a class of its own. So special to have tasted and enjoyed. A bucket list wine.”



Among the top 2% of all wines in the world according to Vivino ratings, with more than 2 000 Vivino reviews.

Walter Vorwerk, Germany – Vivino 5*
“Exactly as promised with the added patina of cellar aging. Deep in colour, full on the nose and long and smooth in the mouth. 2 bottles left for later enjoyment.”

Umesh Bawa, South Africa – Vivino 5*
“Stunningly delicious. Redolent of dark cherries and the fragrance of the Stellenbosch terroir as the sun rises over those African mountains.”

Logan Adamson, Australia – Vivino 5*
Amazed by the complex structure and extremely well balanced.”

Jim Woolfrey, South Africa – Vivino 5*
Unbelievable!! Just a sensational wine.”

Fernando Martins, Portugal – Vivino 4.5*
“A great red wine smooth, balanced, long lasting with strong flavor of wood. So far my favourite South African.”

Tshepo Hlongwane, South Africa – Vivino 4.5*
“Earthy, deep red fruits, lovely blend. Liquid mastery dancing on your pallet.”


Extremely popular among Vivino users with more than 3 000 reviews and ratings. Featured in ‘Best Wines between R400 – R800’ category.

Bruno Pedersen, Denmark – Vivino 5*
“Now this I will buy again, absolutely outstanding, this is really impressive.”

Louis du Toit, South Africa – Vivino 5*
“Aged very well. Fantastic deep, dark plum and berry on the palate. I find the finish deep and rich and meaty and rewarding – fortunately I have a couple left (delivers on the original promise) and can still cellar for a while.”

Traian Pierre, Belgium – Vivino 5*
“An exceptional and noble wine. Smooth and strong. Fruity and spicy. Velvety and complex. A true experience of tastes and emotions. Cocoa, coffee, liquorice, black berries. Probably the best wine tried from years.”

Mike Mota, United States – Vivino 5*
“15 years old still dark color and lots of tannin and fruit. Delicious.”

Gavin Copeland, South Africa – Vivino 4.5*
“Absolutely fabulous!!”

Sylvester Gbewonyo Jr, United Kingdom – Vivino 4.5*
“Dark crimson colour. On the nose blackberries, cherries, liquorice and vanilla. On the palate full bodied with velvety tannins, ripe fruit on the mid palate and a long pomegranate finish. Rather exquisite, could easily pass for a left bank Bordeaux!”



Caitlin Hopkins, South Africa – Vivino 5*
“Light red wine great for lunches. Quite fruity, strawberries with marshmallow after taste.”

Andy Overton, United States – Vivino 5*
“Just wow! Strawberries and a comforting smell of toasting on the nose and a light refreshing fruit bomb on the palate. It doesn’t end with food, it goes on… and on and is soooo drinkable as a summery chilled, light red. In fact it is better than most whites as a lighter type wine. Immediately went and ordered a case online as I need more whilst the summer lasts. Oh, and it’s a bargain!”

Herman Bok, South Africa – Vivino 5*
“Fantastic wine, unbeatable value!”

Othmane Bensouda, France – Vivino 4.5*
“Medium bodied, drink it a little chilled. Very surprising red wine. Get it as an aperitif, with tapas or cold cuts.”

Rav Behari, South Africa – Vivino 4.5*
“Amazing Find…  A De Toren Red Blend to be drunk cold…?! And with ANY FOOD!! Tasty juicy & smooth. I would guess Shiraz-Cab Franc-Cab etc. blended!! Wow.”

Fern of the Vine, South Africa – Vivino 4.5*
“Wow! It’s light (served slightly chilled) and yet has a great underlying depth like a well-structured mature red. Strawberries, some cinnamon and a kind of sweet marshmallowy flavour. A touch of oak just takes this to another level. It tastes like a sophisticated Bordeaux blend but without the heaviness. Fun wine which is excellent quality without the hefty price tag. Heaven meets earth!”