During the first 25 years in our pursuit of winemaking, there have been numerous challenges to overcome and many more milestones to celebrate. Today, we want to reflect on the victories; those that came with pushing the boundaries of winemaking, those that came with sheer dedication, and those that have shaped our earliest legacy.  

In the early 1990’s our small team had the vision to craft a premium Bordeaux style blend, starting from soils to the cellar. Following the layout of our two designer vineyards and an in-depth analysis of our ancient soils, the pioneering concept of South Africa’s first 100% gravity-fed cellar was born. Soon thereafter, the maiden vintage of De Toren Fusion V was harvested in 1999 and perfected by our passionate winemaker, Albie Koch, at the young age of 22.

As custodians of a pure and unique terroir, we have made a commitment to sustainable farming practices that remain a commitment to our inheritance, both for us and for the generations to follow. The purity of our terroir ultimately reflects in our wines; in this pursuit of excellence we started our organic journey in 2016 and have proudly maintained a 100% organic vineyard since becoming certified in 2019.

Our team has forged lasting connections with wine enthusiasts around the world, yet there was a vision for evolution and creating a home for afficionados alike. In 2021, under new ownership, our Manor House underwent renovations and began welcoming guests to explore the artistry of our wines through exclusive tours and tasting experiences.

One of the hallmarks of our journey is the steadfast commitment shown by our three generations of winemakers who’ve been with us since the beginning. Their expertise, passion, and commitment to quality have been instrumental in sculpting the unique character of our wines and we remain in awe of what can be achieved through excellence in every element of the craft. From the left is Albie Koch, patriarch of the Fusion V and currently our Managing Partner. Charles Williams followed as winemaker; Charles is currently our Cellar Master with an unbridled passion for the vineyard. Today we have Martin Fourie, a young winemaker with an unreserved zeal for the art of making premium reds.

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