At De Toren, we aspire towards staying true to our promise of ‘Experience Exceptional’. In doing so, we have always aimed towards producing perfectly balanced and complex wines of only the highest quality for our clients’ sheer enjoyment. Speaking of which, we decided to take a closer look at our De Toren wine collection through the eyes of our valued clients, as shared on Vivino, one of the world’s largest online wine communities. Keeping this in mind, we deep dive into why using Vivino should be an essential consideration for any and every wine enthusiast…

What is Vivino all about?

Vivino is the world’s largest online wine marketplace and most downloaded wine application, powered by a global community of approximately 26 million users (and counting). The unique wine shopping experience offered on this platform utilizes community data to suggest personalized wine recommendations based on previous purchases and ratings, to discover new wines and also to make the purchasing of wine effortless, fun and easily accessible for wine drinkers from all walks of life.

Why consider using Vivino?

Apart from empowering people around the world to enjoy wine to the fullest, this application enables you to discover honest and authentic reviews of any wine before making a purchase decision – whether you’re in-store, in a restaurant or just doing some research upfront. It’s trusted by millions across the globe to discover and buy the right wine for each occasion. Not only does it help connect you with wines that you prefer and enjoy drinking, but it also allows you to share your opinion and your newfound knowledge with a global community on each of your findings. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the reason someone discovers their new favourite wine on Vivino!

How does Vivino’s wine rating system work?

Vivino uses a 5-star rating system in which users can rate any wine 1 to 5 stars. This kind of rating system is familiar to most consumers as it is commonly used across multiple user-generated websites or applications such as Amazon or TripAdvisor to only name a few. When Vivino was founded in 2010, this was the system that resonated best with wine drinkers around the globe. Unlike many wine reviews and critic ratings, Vivino ratings are based solely on the ratings of the community – wine enthusiasts just like you – and are never increased or decreased by advertising, sponsorship, or any other influencing factors.

Currently, the average Vivino rating is sitting at 3.6 Stars. That means any wine you purchase with that rating is going to be nice, everyday drinking wine. Wines that are rated 4.0 Stars are less common, as they are ranked better than 85% of the 9.5 million wines on Vivino. Wines rated 4.5 Stars are even more extraordinary, as they are better than 99% of the wines you find on Vivino. This ultimately means you’ve found something truly rare and exceptional. And what an honour it is to have both our ultra-luxurious wines, i.e. The Black Lion and Book XVII, scoring well above this star rating (4.7 Stars) as rated by the Vivino community. 

What are Vivino users saying about De Toren’s wines?

We were thrilled to be informed by Vivino earlier this year (2021) that De Toren is one of the most globally searched South African brands on this online platform. To this point, we decided to take a closer look to see how the Vivino community views our wine collection…

Our opulent 100% Shiraz, The Black Lion has a terrific, overall score (across all vintages) of 4.7 Stars and is included in the ‘Top 1% of All Wines in the World’ based on Vivino user ratings. 

The ultra-lavish Bordeaux-style blend, Book XVII too has a magnificent overall rating of 4.7 Stars. As it’s Shiraz-equivalent, The Black Lion, this luxurious wine is also included in the ‘Top 1% of All Wines in the World’.

Our renowned Left-Bank Bordeaux-style blend, De Toren Fusion V has a magnificent total of 10 171 ratings and in 2018 this wine was awarded with an honorary title and granted first place as ‘South Africa’s Best Bordeaux Blend’ in the Vivino Wine Style Awards. It has continually placed in this line-up and is also consistently featured in the category ‘Best wines between R400 – R800 right now’. The multi-vintage rating is currently a spectacular 4.4 Stars.  

The iconic Right-Bank Bordeaux-style blend, De Toren Z has a total of 4.2 Stars across all vintages. As with its Left-Bank partner, De Toren Fusion V, the reputable De Toren Z is also continuously included in the list of ‘South Africa’s Top 20 Wines’ and ‘Among the Top 1% of All Wines in the World’ based on its ratings.

Last, but most certainly not least, our luscious De Toren Délicate is included in the ‘Top 10 of Best SA Wines under R200’ and considered ‘Great Value for Money. (Similar rated wines usually cost twice as Much)’ as indicated by Vivino. 

How to join the Vivino community?

The Vivino Wine application is available for download on both Android and Apple devices.

We hope you’ll join in and form part of this exciting online wine community. Next time you open a bottle of De Toren, make sure to let us know your thoughts via Vivino. Cheers, Impilo, Salud, Prost, Bajabule, Santé, Nqa, Gesondheid!

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