An opportunity for innovation is always just around the corner and we would like to share some of our excitement with you about the year ahead.


We are the custodians of the ground we farm on and are committed to continuously employing positive practices that will assist us in finding answers to farm closer to nature. Situated on a terraced slope are 0.3 hectares of the only remaining virgin soils on the estate which we’ve dedicated to expanding the concept of organic farming.

One of the questions we would like to answer is how to work more closely with the indigenous Cape Fynbos and renosterbos and how the interaction with these plants would influence the grapevines if interplanted. We are also eager to see which insects will potentially interact with the fynbos. There is a natural beehive in a decomposing tree trunk close by and we hope to see attraction from these living organisms.

We are also expanding our knowledge of compost, especially biodynamic compost which is rich in nutrients. Compost made from earthworms is one such method, which means we are constantly sourcing organic waste products like paper and coffee beans to feed it with.

This quest to expand our sustainable farming gives us the opportunity to expand our knowledge and have answers that help us farm further in partnership with nature instead of against it.


Luxury Game and Safari Lodges in South Africa remain popular destinations and who could argue against it. Scouting for The Big 5 is an unmatched experience, one that needs to be accompanied by luxurious wines and unique culinary experiences. Distributing wine to the outlying areas has become more accessible with fewer logistical challenges and storage limitations over the past few years, and we have partnered with specialists in the field who are eager to bring more De Toren wines to bushveld sunsets.


Our highlight for 2023 is the launch of our second vintage of the De Toren Patronus, an unmatched, bold and expressive 100% Malbec. The maiden vintage of 2020 was sold out before its official release and the suspense levels are rising for those on the waiting list for the 2021 vintage.

Another highlight, one that has never faded since 1999, is the 2020 vintage of the iconic De Toren Fusion V, our Cabernet Sauvignon-dominated blend. There were decent winter rains that saturated the soils sufficiently and our expressive 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were, from visual observation, quite smaller in size but carried greater intensity. Our 2019 vintage scored 96 points by Greg Sherwood, South African Master of Wine, and we are confident that the 2020 vintage was an improvement.


Our 2023 harvest has just begun, starting with The Black Lion’s Shiraz in the Swartland, already fermenting in premium French oak barrels. We’ll be sharing more behind-the-scenes content on social media this year about our harvest, winemaking and new growth season. We invite you to join in the anticipation of what each new phase in the art of winemaking holds. 

De Toren Patronus 2021 Vintage Reservations

Winemaker, Martin Fourie on the 2023 Vintage

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