With almost 7.5 million users and over 13 million wine ratings in 2014, this is clearly a popular tool. Users can quickly scan the label of a wine and Vivino provides the price, average rating and reviews, as well as some information about the wine. I didn’t find all reviews that helpful.

The users on average rated our La Jeunesse Délicate 4 Stars or equal to 90 points with over 90 individual ratings. Caitlin Hopkins from South Africa says, ‘Light red wine, great for lunches. Quite fruity, strawberries with marshmallow after taste” ***** 5 Stars.

Miguel Chan with 268 followers,”It is a classic Clairet- style red wine which I wish more South African producers will embrace, as it is fresh, elegant, bursting with red fruit. There is savourines and was perfect that evening between bursts of baijiu during dinner! 90 points **** 4 stars.