It is beyond any doubt that South Africa yielded a particularly reputable 2015 harvest. The 2015 vintage hails one of the most sensational, if not the greatest vintages yet. A vintage with a reputation that precedes it, destined to deliver some of the most exceptional wines yet.

The wines from this phenomenal South African vintage will without a doubt become some of the most sought-after collectables for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs around the globe. With the extraordinary quality the 2015 vintage wines reflect and the phenomenal, expected ageing potential, one can be guaranteed of the continuous increase in value and enjoyment year after year.

According to CEO of Wines of South Africa, Siobhan Thompson, the wines from the 2015 harvest, is set to “cement South Africa’s position as the most exciting wine producer in the world”. Visit the WOSA website here to read more. International industry influencers such as British Master of Wine, Tim Atkin agrees, earmarking this as the best vintage in over two decades, “the best I’ve tasted in 26 years of writing about the country’s wines. A winning combination of better viticulture, the development of new wine regions and the emergence of a young generation of winemaking talent make South Africa the most dynamic wine-producing country in the world right now.”

It was undeniably a highly successful harvest and vintage for De Toren Private Cellar too. The grapes harvested during this season, and the wine made from these grapes, perfectly reflects the incredible vintage of 2015, reaffirming its repute. Both the De Toren Fusion V 2015 and De Toren Z 2015 have already been nominated for 5* in the Platter’s Guide. The highly favourable weather conditions during this season contributed to making the 2015 vintage one of the finest collector’s vintages. Our renowned Bordeaux-style wines are now, more than ever, embodied with rich colour tones, astonishing aromas and intense, powerful flavours.

Winemaker, Charles believes “each of our 2015 vintage Bordeaux styled wines is expressive, yet nobly modest and the expression of the cultivar, aromas and taste sensations are pure and complex. We believe each vintage’s rating is proof of the extraordinary devotion to our vines and the expertise invested in crafting these iconic blends for almost two decades. We are excited to see the rating results of the 2015 vintage.” 

Managing Director, Albie Koch agrees: “This wine has a fantastic ageing potential of up to 20 years, if cellared correctly. This, combined with the exceptionally reputable 2015 vintage is bound to be a vintage for your personal collection or even a part of your investment portfolio.”

Last, but definitely not least, Assistant Winemaker, Martin Fourie has the following to say about the wines: “The complexity, elegant power and vibrant flavours of these opulent wines are astonishing, with a sophisticated finish that lingers on the back palate, long after every sip.”

What a testimony – here’s to an incredible 2015 vintage, soon to be released…