Creating a new, evolutionary brand identity for a luxury brand such as De Toren rests not only with a new logo design but with all assets that reflect the brand’s identity and character. A mandatory for us to consider when crafting and selecting the updated brand colours and typography was its relevance, similarities and close ties to De Toren’s rich heritage, elegance and exclusive craftsmanship it is well renowned for world-wide.

Without further ado, we take you on our journey and the thinking behind it…


As with colour, typography is a complex piece of the identity puzzle and equally important. Each typeface or font evokes a different feeling and characteristic which helps to express and enhance the personality of a brand.

Typography thus plays a key role in the overall aesthetic of a brand’s identity and therefore the process of crafting the perfect one for De Toren was lengthier than one would imagine. Handpicked fonts were carefully selected and merged to craft the ideal font for De Toren. However, before a final decision was made, a scrupulous process was followed to test this font across multiple pieces, since a brand’s typography is used across many and all channels. Aside from the selected fonts, there are many other factors to consider, including layout, spacing, sizes, hierarchy, weights, width and integration – to name a few… Ultimately, this process of precision resulted in the typographic styling being revealed here today.

Our new handcrafted logotype sees the combination of two typefaces along with a supporting secondary font, reflecting not only the luxuriousness of a legacy brand but also the modernity of a custom and seamless aesthetic. The true elegance of style.


Using the current colour palette at the time as a starting point, De Toren along with the creative team, set out to develop multiple mood boards that address the new brand identity and vision, fusing different colours and hues, and ultimately landing on a primary and secondary palette for the brand. Inspired by the historic soils and our vineyards, amongst other elements found in nature in and around us, thus ultimately our terroir, the refreshed primary colour palette now includes textured charcoal greys, complemented by a blackened, deep burgundy with satin metallic golds. Below we share a bit more on our reimagined aesthetic colour palette for De Toren:


The colour gold symbolises courage, strength, solidity and luxury. It redefines luxuriousness and gives a sense of hope. In a word decorative, alluring and sensational. Gold in combination with charcoal and deep burgundy hues creates an opulent and vivid combination. This colour forms a substantial part of our new look and feel, thanks to its majestic quality and character.

Blackened Burgundy

There is an immersive quality to the kind of burgundy that graduates to black. It is a magnificent colour, described as a very dark shade of red with a purple or brownish flush. It is also a naturally occurring colour evident in our wines. The warmth from the burgundy colour is unveiled when used in combination with charcoal greys and was specially selected for its assertion of ambition, power and sophistication.

Deep Charcoal Greys

This colour, timeless and unembellished, speaks to durability, purpose and integrity. When linked to nature, it is also closely linked to heritage and a hint of mystery and the wonder of nature. For De Toren is evocative of the qualities of soil and its dark blue, greyish hues are reminiscent of the skills and craftsmanship passed on from one generation to the next.

Ultimately, the combination of blackened burgundy, champagne gold with stone grey is suggestive of the natural elements: fire, water, air and earth. Allowing us to present our brand, De Toren, as elegant and luxurious, yet grounded in our roots with a rich heritage.