As Managing Partner at De Toren Private Cellar, it gives me great pleasure to announce the much-anticipated pre-release of yet another exceptional vintage of the renowned De Toren Fusion V. In my humble opinion, the phenomenal 2018 vintage of this Left Bank Bordeaux styled blend will be recognized for its exquisite balance, elegance and the true varietal expression which gives it loads of personality to finish it off.

This 2018 vintage was multi-layered and complex in the vineyard. It was the first vintage since 2014 where we had decent winter rains that saturated our soils and got the season going on the right note. With that, temperature fluctuations ranged from prolonged cool spells to warm periods, and even a few heatwaves in February. March, the month during which the vast majority of our grapes are harvested was quite cold, this allowed for the final phase of phenolic ripening to happen at a slow pace and gave us the means to really define our harvest dates to perfection for each of our lots.

The final wine showcases this vintage complexity with real precision. On approach the wine impresses with dense aromatics of dark fruit, then it reveals subtle, elegant layers of red berries and black cherries as well as sweet spices. The aromas end off delicate and perfumed.


“The spectacular 2018 vintage of our expressive De Toren Fusion V is out of this world. With its phenomenal aroma and depth of flavour, it perfectly imparts the identity of this vintage in the 2018 blend of this superlative Bordeaux styled wine.”

Charles Williams | Cellar Master


Upon tasting, the density (almost broad and moody) of the wine is what really draws one into further exploration. The flavour profile compliments the aromatics and reveals layers of dark fruit and cherries. Full bodied, the De Toren Fusion V 2018 lingers on the mid and back pallet, with a tight, clean acidity, beautifully framing the wine. As always, and almost a hallmark of our Fusion V blends, the elegant, finely knit tannins linger long after the final sip.

The exquisite 2018 vintage of this Cabernet Sauvignon-dominated Bordeaux-style blend is a wonderful celebration of this vintage’s pure varietal expression, gracefully showcasing each of the five varietal’s unique characteristics and ultimately, its fullest potential.

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