Introducing the exquisite 2020 vintage release of De Toren Fusion V, exclusively presented to our selective De Toren community. Crafted with utmost precision, this masterful fusion, predominantly led by Cabernet Sauvignon, showcases the intricate essence of our terroir, and stands as a true testament to De Toren’s oenological prowess. As a highly regarded vintage throughout South Africa, the extraordinary 2020 vintage is destined to leave an indelible mark for generations, warranting its rightful place among the most distinguished selections within one’s cellar.

Nurtured in vineyards with gravel-rich soils and the benevolent rays of the afternoon sun, this wine has consistently ascended to greatness, earning scores surpassing the illustrious 90-point threshold since its inaugural 1999 vintage. For over two decades, it has garnered a plethora of esteemed accolades, each vintage’s rating serving as an irrefutable testament to the unwavering commitment bestowed upon our vines and the profound expertise wielded in the crafting of this celebrated blend. An embodiment of craftsmanship that stands unwaveringly among the elite, affirming its position as a beacon of unrivalled distinction in the global landscape of viniculture.

In addition to a full-bodied, mouth-coating tannin structure, this red wine has an appetizing sweetness to break the chalkiness, and the acidity is well-balanced – one of Fusion V’s hallmark characteristics.

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Winemaker, Martin on the 2023 Harvest

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