The season of festive celebrations, extravagant lunches and jovial dinners is upon us. Hence, it goes without saying that it is time to bring out those delectable festive dishes that call for the finest of wines to accompany them. Think hearty, generous roasts complemented by some extraordinary red blends. And what better than our outstanding collection of Bordeaux styled blends!

To make all those holiday gatherings more marvellous, we thought it a good idea to share a few food pairing tips for that festive food table of yours to ensure you get through the holiday season with ease. Each course also serving as the perfect accompaniment to a glass of some of our finest De Toren wines of course…

Canapés | Tomato Polenta Tartlets

Piccolo Tomato | Goat’s Cheese & Chives | Cracked Black Pepper

[Download full recipe here]

Serve with a glass of slightly chilled De Toren Délicate

Starter | Creamy Hake Fillet

Mussels & Parsley Cream Sauce | Aubergine | Courgettes | Fresh Parsley & Caviar

[Download full recipe here]

Serve with a glass of De Toren Z

Main Course | Honey Mustard Glazed Gammon

Cloves & Parsley Sauce ǀ Peppercorns | Wholegrain Mustard

[Download full recipe here]

Serve with a glass of De Toren Fusion V

Following main course, enjoy either the De Toren Z or De Toren Fusion V with a beautifully curated artisanal cheese and preserve selection or of course Book XVII or The Black Lion will also pair exceptionally well with this.

We recommend decanting our Bordeaux styled blends at least one hour before enjoyment and serving it at the optimal temperature of 15-18 degrees Celsius, to allow the release of all the intended aromas and flavours.

Enjoy and be merry!

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