Mid-year, the coldest time of the year in South Africa is upon us. Hence, it is time to bring out those warm, hearty winter dishes that call for the finest of wines to accompany them. Think delectable roasts complimented by some extraordinary red blends. And what better wine to pair with it than one of our outstanding De Toren red blends?

Our team thought it wise to share a few winter warmer tips and recipes with you perhaps for your upcoming Father’s Day lunch or to make your winter evenings in front of the fireplace even more memorable. These tips and recipes will make sure you get through this season with ease. Each also serves as the perfect accompaniment to a glass of some of our finest De Toren wines of course…

Creamy Butter Chicken With Fresh Coriander

Skinless Chicken Breast | Lemon Juice | Garlic | Garam Masala | Salt | Vegetable Oil | Onion | Paprika | Cinnamon | Diced Tomatoes | Cream | Butter

[Download full recipe here]

Serve with a glass of De Toren Edition Z 2018.

Herb-Crusted Rib Roast With Crispy Smashed Potatoes

Sterling Silver Rib Roast | Ground Black Pepper | Salt | Olive Oil | Garlic | Fresh Thyme | Rosemary | Baby Potatoes

[Download full recipe here]

Serve with a glass of De Toren Fusion V 2019.

We recommend decanting our Bordeaux styled blends at least one hour before enjoyment and serving it at the optimal temperature of 15-18 degrees Celsius, to allow the release of all the intended aromas and flavours.

Enjoy and keep warm!