Next time you open a case of De Toren Wine, have a look inside and you will find a small handwritten card, signed by one of two ladies; Rochelle or Christine.

This little card is our final stamp of approval that each of the carefully planned steps in packaging our wines were meticulously inspected and met our high standards, setting the bar for what to expect upon opening the bottle.

A truly great wine can be compared to a masterful painting. As a great painting needs a frame that compliments and accentuates it, so too does every fine wine require the perfect packaging to reveal a glimpse into the essence or soul of the wine.

Packaging actually starts off 9 months before our wines are released with the bottling of these wines. Our bottles, corks and capsules are sourced internationally from the most reputable producers that share our constant strive towards attaining perfection, ensuring only the best possible materials are used for our wines to gracefully age in.

Our labels are understated, but next time you’re enjoying a bottle do take some time to examine the crest and all the detail in the embossing and foiling, as well as all the other small intricacies built into the labels. A process that is an art in itself to perfect!

The penultimate step in our packaging is when either Rochelle or Christine examines each bottle to ensure that all the individual components are indeed perfect. This is followed by a process where each bottle gets individually wrapped to protect the bottle, capsule and labels. Although done by hand, the process is designed to such narrow specifications that all the bottles will end up identically wrapped.

The wrapping paper is secured by a small sticker the shape of De Toren’s crest. This Sticker will always exactly overlap the crest on the bottle’s label, in doing so protecting the fragile embossing and foiling on the label.

The final step will be to pack the wine in any of our luxurious packaging formats including 6x750ml designer carton boxes. The 12x750ml designer wooden boxes are perfect for storing wines long term in the cellar or individual gift boxes are great gifts for special

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