Finally it all comes together – the meticulous planning, the exceptionally hard work and the wonderful aromas of an exceptional vintage that ignites all the senses when filling the glass. We have eagerly awaited the reveal of this phenomenal, already award-winning wine, De Toren Z 2015. This marks the official release of our incredible Right-Bank Bordeaux style blend.

The grapes harvested during this season and the wine made from these grapes, perfectly reflects the spectacular 2015 vintage, making it a highly successful season for our Merlot-dominated Bordeaux blend. Already awarded a stellar 94 Points in the 2018 Platter’s Wine Guide and an extraordinary 93 Points in the recent Wine Enthusiast reviews, this wine has an extraordinary ageing potential of at least 15 years. The De Toren Z 2015 has also been included in the Editor’s Choice List of the honoured USA publisher, Wine Enthusiast Magazine. This list honours wines for its unique qualities – qualities which make it a wine of superior quality and therefore a very profitable long-term investment.

“The 2015 vintage of this Merlot-dominated Bordeaux style wine is expressive, yet nobly modest and the pronouncement of the cultivar, aromas and taste sensations are pure and complex. One will find it tantalizingly soft on the tongue – a pure and soft integration of oak with beautifully balanced vibrancy and expression.”

– Charles Williams, Winemaker –

When tasting this wine, it follows through perfectly on the palate, revealing exquisite juicy red fruit. The integrated, complex and finely knit tannins finish of velvety smooth, yet the blend is excitingly vibrant and delightfully expressive. The versatility of this wine is astonishing when it comes to food, ranging from creamy pastas, refined Indian cuisine to an array of beautiful cuts of meat, served with a rich sauce.

In 2016 the South African Wine Index (SAWI) awarded this soft, approachable, ruby-hued beauty, Platinum Status, rewarding it for its consistent achievement over the past decade. These recent reviews, reaffirms this SAWI accolade and reconfirms the position of De Toren Z as one of South Africa’s Top Bordeaux Blends.

Now available for select ordering, in a variety of sizes and beautiful packaging, our renowned De Toren Z 2015 vintage is now more than ever embodied with rich colour tones and astonishing aromas. A true collector’s vintage and a highly sought-after wine!