‘The truth is in the vine’; just six simple words etched onto the walls of our underground tasting room and vinoteque here at De Toren Private Cellar. And yet they neatly encapsulate our estate’s guiding philosophy – an approach that has in little more than 20 years, elevated our boutique Stellenbosch cellar into one of South Africa’s most respected premium wine producers. With an unwavering focus on crafting superlative Bordeaux blends, the wines of De Toren have become coveted worldwide, assisting in raising the profile of high-end South African wines across the globe.

De Toren started with a view. Enchanted by the farm’s panoramic vistas stretching from the Helderberg, over False Bay and across to Table Mountain, the property was bought in 1991. More than 20 years later, marking this year, 2019, as the 20th vintage of De Toren Fusion V, the estate’s first ever wine, one cannot help but to reflect on these magnificent years that have passed. Two wonderfully successful decades. Ultimately the fruit of incredibly hard work to craft an extraordinary brand and phenomenal range of wines – none of which would have been possible without our exceptionally talented team, highly valued partners and the most extraordinarily loyal clients and customers. It is with your help that we were able to build De Toren’s heritage all these years. A heritage known for pure excellence in the pursuit of perfection.

In celebration of De Toren’s 20th chapter and following Emil den Dulk’s announcement that he is stepping out into the wings towards the end of last year, the time thus came to hand over the reins of the iconic De Toren to its next generation of successors.

These likeminded partners have an incredible belief and undeniable passion for the brand. They have heart and soul with the biggest aspiration to help carry forward the legacy of De Toren. They are thus the perfect match. These new partners in De Toren Private Cellar are all friends and business associates that fell in love with the brand many moons ago and when the opportunity presented itself, they took it. The deal was signed at the end of March 2018 in Berne, Switzerland, after pitching to the former owner on 6 December 2017 in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

With a shared passion for the meticulous art of winemaking, the new generation of shareholders are Cedric Nicolas Schweri, Daniel Robert Mueller and Cape Estate AG, while stalwart Albie Koch retains his shareholding in De Toren and remains as its Managing Partner. De Toren South Africa is now operated by a newly formed Swiss company called De Toren Holding AG. Acting Chairman of the Swiss Holding is Cedric Schweri, whereas Daniel Mueller operates as CEO and board member of the Swiss Entity.

“Along with the existing De Toren team, remaining within their current positions, the new shareholders have picked up the baton and are set to uphold De Toren’s unfailing commitment to quality and meticulous winemaking – values that have firmly established De Toren on the world’s wine map.”

– Albie Koch, Managing Partner, De Toren Private Cellar –

The partners foresee great growth opportunities and have assured everyone that it is business as always, with new young blood and newfound energy being injected into the brand and company. And now, just over a year down the line, with the new shareholders actively involved in the business and the future of De Toren, we can proudly say that it has been a very exciting journey so far and the best is yet to come.

“We inherited an award-winning brand with a stellar Bordeaux-styled portfolio that has captivated palates around the globe. Upholding the high standards that our predecessors have set is a task we take to heart. We are committed to continuing the legacy of De Toren, expanding the vision and taking the story even further.”

– Daniel R. Mueller, CEO, De Toren Holding AG –

In celebrating this new chapter of De Toren, and taking it to the next level, we find ourselves in the midst of some very exciting renovations, developments and upgrades to the estate. We are therefore thrilled to announce that De Toren will soon be introducing a new face. One that speaks of evolution, not revolution, as it will always remain true to the De Toren you know and have come to love. The first priority is the renovations of our manor house, which will in time become the area where we welcome you for tastings, meetings, and wine sales. This will be followed by an upgrade of our tasting room and of course, last but definitely not least, our beloved cellar, precious tower and of course, some special release wines to top it all off.

We believe there are still big things to come, and we can’t wait to share it all with you – so watch this space! This being said, we, here at De Toren, would like to thank you for your belief in our story and philosophy and for your unwavering trust and continuous support, then, now and beyond.

The preservation and prolongation of De Toren Private Cellar’s phenomenal legacy are now entrusted to the next generation successors. One known for absolute Exclusive Craftsmanship.