Over the past two decades, De Toren Private Cellar has remained true to its guiding philosophy of Exclusive Craftsmanship in every aspect of these words. With this not only being our internal philosophy but also our promise to our clients, we have always tried to go beyond what any other before and after us, have done. Whether it’s our approach to viticulture, viniculture, the packaging of wine, our tastings and tours or client service, this philosophy or exceptional, hands-on care has remained our true north in our endless pursuit of perfection. All inspired by our fervent desire and distinct vision to be amongst the finest Bordeaux-style wine producers in the world.

Three years ago, the new Swiss shareholder team bought into this inspiring vision and embarked on a journey to further make this dream a reality. By identifying untapped opportunities such as evolving the estate, the greater public, both locally and internationally, now have the opportunity to get to know De Toren’s legacy and experience it for themselves first-hand.

So much so that our brand’s new mantra was conceptualised to serve as both an invite and a promise. ‘Experience Exceptional’ was created to capture this vision.

‘Experience Exceptional’ is thus an expression of our devotion to ensuring that every part of the process is performed at the very highest level, and for that experience to be carried through to every single touchpoint with or for our clients. Be it our organic farming and winemaking practices, the unwrapping and enjoying of our fine wines, when attending a tour and tasting at the estate, or simply when browsing our website and shopping online… Our promise to you is you will ‘Experience Exceptional’.