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“Yesterday, we visited your farm and had the great privilege to be given a tour through the vineyards and cellar, followed by a wine tasting.

The young lady Viticulturist gave us a lecture on the full spectrum of the vineyard management, process of wine making, maturing, blending etc. All four of us, locals and great wine lovers, have never experienced such a professional, in depth lecture on the art of producing a top quality wine.
We thank you for giving us this opportunity to spend the time with this very knowledgeable and friendly lady. I believe that she will become one of the great icons in the wine industries in the very near future”. – Paul Steinmann

“Excellent wine and briefing ***** This is a special winery that unambiguously want to produce excellent largely Bordeaux blend red wines (from all five varieties – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec). They seem to have used and still be using extensive research to deliver excellent wines from as natural processes as feasible with less focus on financial optimization than in most wineries. From natural gravity fed rather than pumped movement of wines, the wine makers are focused on excellence and natural production rather than overworking the grapes. Exclusive craftsmanship is the motto and the delivery”. Ascott150

“De Toren – Best Vineyard Tour on Four Continents ***** My wife and I visited De Toren as part of our five week trip to South Africa. Gorgeous estate. Lovely setting. Superb wines. Bought several bottles and picked up a few later at Sea Biscuit Mill in Cape Town where we had a great meal at the Test Kitchen.

But what sets this vineyard/wine farm apart are the quality of the presentation and the insight/skill of the presenter.

Food and wine are the center of the trips that my wife and I now take for six weeks of the year. We now have toured vineyards on four continents. This was the best. The presenter was deeply knowledgeable about the process, starting with the selection of which grape to plant on which row – or even a 10 meter section of that row. Then the decisions on when to prune, when to irrigate (sending leaves to a lab to be analysed for stress!!) and the harvesting process. Finally the determination of which varieties in which amounts go into the blend.

It was a wonderful intricate marriage of the art and science of creating a delicious product.

The group is small, probably limited to 8 to 10. I read that someone else said that they just “dropped in”. It is my understanding that one has to register /reserve which we did. The hosts are most gracious and would probably seek to accommodate a couple that just dropped in, if there was space. But I would not press your luck if you are a group of four.

If your primary purpose in visiting a vineyard is to have a good time drinking, (We did linger over our wine, chatting at length with the other guests and the presenter and had a wonderful time) I would not recommend De Toren. But if you want to gain substantive insight into the production of wine in South Africa that is shared in an easily understandable fashion, this is the best place in South Africa and perhaps in the world to visit”. – Transatlantic70