In South Africa, the month of September is synonymous with Spring and everything this season symbolises, including new beginnings… And speaking of which, we are delighted to officially announce the brand new and striking new packaging of our famed De Toren Délicate!

This superb red blend is still the exact same wine you have always loved & enjoyed, but the new striking packaging was specially designed to ensure this Malbec-dominated blend is just as beautiful on the outside as on the inside. The new, exquisitely wrapped De Toren Délicate is now available from our wine cellar.

This silky-smooth blend, remains a superbly fresh red blend that reveals its exquisite nature when served slightly chilled. To ensure this wine’s packaging reflect its absolute finesse, which it is renowned for, these gorgeous new labels were crafted to match this unique blend. This makes our De Toren Délicate the perfect accompaniment and can either be enjoyed on its own, as an appetizer, or with a gorgeous array of Spanish tapas and a French Charcuterie platter… Whatever the blooming occasion, the new stunningly wrapped De Toren Délicate is just perfect!

“The ones who taste this elegant wine, immediately understand why it is continuously ranked by Vivino as ‘One of the Best Wines under R200’ and ‘Among the Top Rated Wines in the World’. It’s unique, it excites the palate and it’s the best of both worlds (i.e. the undeniable refreshment of a white wine & the undisputable elegance of a red wine). There isn’t anything like it, it’s truly one of a kind & out of this world!”

This is a wine with attitude, depth & delightful characteristics of refreshment. With our marketing team being just as infatuated with this Malbec-dominated blend, it was only a matter of time before this packaging was changed to reflect the inner beauty of our De Toren Délicate. Hence the gorgeous new labels…