The soon-to-be, premiere release of yet another exceptional vintage of the De Toren Fusion V is almost here! The long-awaited 2016 vintage of this iconic, Cabernet Sauvignon dominated Bordeaux-style blend is the perfect reflection of the outstanding grapes harvested during this particular season. The vibrant flavours and ultra-sophisticated finish of this wine’s imminent 2016 vintage is just once again a true testament to our continuous pursuit of perfection that we strive for here at De Toren.

This spectacular Left-Bank Bordeaux-style blend, De Toren Fusion V, is meticulously crafted from Bordeaux’s ‘Noble Five’ varietals and is dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon. The complexity and elegant power of the opulent De Toren Fusion V 2016 is superb, with a sophisticated finish that lingers on the back palate, long after every sip.

Winemaker Charles is thrilled that the coming 2016 vintage of the De Toren Fusion V delivered such superb grapes which boast of superior health, great concentration and complex flavours. Thus, a true expression of the grape’s rich colour tones and phenomenal aromas.

Since the inception, this wine has consistently rated above 90 points. We believe each vintage’s rating is proof of the extraordinary devotion to our vines and the expertise invested in crafting this acclaimed blend, for almost two decades.

This year (2018), the South African Wine Index (SAWI) awarded this robust wine, Platinum Status, rewarding it for its consistent achievement over the past decade. These recent reviews, reaffirms the position of our De Toren Fusion V as one of South Africa’s Top Bordeaux Blends.

The soon-to-be released De Toren Fusion V 2016, is now more than ever embodied with dark black plum flavours and rich, brooding aromas. With an ageing potential of 20 years, this Bordeaux-style blend is the perfect investment & a definite collector’s item of note! So, be sure not to miss the premiere release of this exceptional wine’s 2016 vintage coming soon…