Inspired by the world-renowned wines of the famed ‘Right Bank’ of Bordeaux’s Garonne River, the vision of De Toren Z originated, followed by the maiden vintage release in 2004. The exact same quality, precision and winemaking philosophy that De Toren is so well known for, would be used to craft an equal for the Left-Bank, De Toren Fusion V. This complementary Right-Bank Bordeaux styled wine is today better known as the eminent, De Toren Z.


Crafted from ocean-facing vineyards, where the vines are cooled by summer sea breezes, its name is a tribute to Zephyrus, Greek God of the Westerly Wind. Dominated by Merlot, the ‘Zee’ contains all five of the classic Bordeaux varieties, delivering perfume, sophistication and power. Characteristics which De Toren Z is renowned for, continually securing it top international acclaim.


More than a decade later, comes the 12th vintage release of this reputable wine, De Toren Z 2016. This ruby-hued beauty is tantalizingly soft on the palate whilst exuding a powerful elegance and is embodied with rich colour tones, velvety smooth tannins and the most beautiful aromas. The grapes harvested during this season and the wine made from these grapes, perfectly reflects the remarkable 2016 vintage, making it a highly successful season for our Merlot-dominated Bordeaux-style blend, De Toren Z. You will find this five varietal Right-Bank blend exquisitely elegant, with luscious red fruit flavours lending a fresh acidity to its polished finish. Plus, of course, all the finesse that makes Bordeaux styled wines so highly regarded among the world’s most enthusiastic wine lovers.

“The De Toren Z have the power that winemakers in Bordeaux would love to achieve, but with the same elegance and panache.”
Charles Williams, Winemaker

This year the South African Wine Index honoured this extraordinary wine with outstanding Grand Gold Status, rewarding of its consistent achievements over the past decade and re-establishing De Toren Z as one of South Africa’s Top Bordeaux Blends.


The versatility of this wine is astonishing, and not only when it comes to food… It is a wine with an astounding ageing potential of 15 years plus and its range varies from 750ml to 3L bottles – perfect for a private collection.


Now available for select ordering, in a variety of sizes and beautiful packaging, our renowned De Toren Z 2016 vintage is now more than ever embodied with rich colour tones and velvety, smooth aromas. A highly sought-after wine and collector’s item of note!