The year 2020 was a rather tough year for many across the globe. What were some of the biggest challenges that De Toren faced in 2020?

De Toren most certainly also experienced a few challenges. However, being a small, boutique winery and a close-knitted team, meant that we could quickly and relatively easily adapt to the “new norm”. The dividend of building an international brand over the last 22 years was a benefit that enabled us to still do adequate business as originally planned. I can just say that our loyal supporters of the brand really kept on supporting us and for that we say thank you to each and every one of you.


Despite it all, the De Toren team has been hard at work on the estate during 2020. What are some of the exciting new things visitors to the estate can expect to see in the new year?

The renovations of our Manor House on the estate officially commenced in June 2019 and with the support of our fantastic shareholders and industry partners we could continue, when it was permitted during lockdown, to renovate the estate. The objective was to build on and increase the customer experience to the estate, which I think we truly succeeded in. We can now almost welcome and host walk-in customers for a tasting of our wines at our stunning new wine bar and tasting lounge, with some fantastic views stretching over our vineyards to the ocean beyond.


And what are some of the new experiences they can find and discover?

In order to create that luxurious experience that we were aiming for, we relooked and renewed the estate, starting at the entrance, the entrance road, leading all the way up to the new Manor House. Our Manor House has also been converted into our new reception area with an extraordinary walk-in tasting facility and patios with views to die for, especially when enjoying some fine wine. Some other elements, such as the packaging of our entire De Toren wine collection, have also been relooked – keeping in mind that everything we have done has been a process of evolution and not revolution, to ensure the brand stay true to its roots and heritage. Hence, I urge you to be on the lookout for more communication from our side regarding all new things at De Toren…


“Experience Exceptional” is at the core and serves as the new positioning for the De Toren brand. How do you see this coming to life for SA visitors, and of course internationally?

The past few months, during lockdown, has reemphasized the fact that, whether you are at the estate having a tasting with the winemaker, or abroad, all elements of the brand have to be cohesive and exceptional. We have really looked at all the points of engagement and service offerings from our side to enable our clients to feel welcomed, appreciated and well looked after.


For international distribution and sales partners, what exciting things can they expect to see from the De Toren brand & team (assuming the world is less hampered by COVID in 2021)?

We look forward to reveal everything we have been busy with the past two years to you first and foremost. But, most of all, we look forward to travelling to the various markets to personally meet and greet all our De Toren friends and family across the globe. As I have promised numerous international partners and De Toren loyalists over the past few months, we’re looking forward to enjoying a glass of wine with you again soon.


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