It is not often you can celebrate a DECADE but this year is the 10th anniversary of De Toren producing De Toren Z.

Most wine pundits believe that Merlot does not suit South African terroir or South Africa terroir does not suit Merlot. We boldly beg to differ!

De Toren Z is our Merlot-dominated Bordeaux blend, with all five varieties grown on a gentle slope facing False Bay. By fastidiously aligning the rootstocks and cultivars to the identified soil types on this chosen single vineyard and planting an array of clones over the five varieties, we harnessed the influence of nature’s elements to grow a great wine. A critical part of this process was aligning vineyard row directions in order to channel the gentle summer sea breezes through the vineyard. These breezes had a natural cooling effect and lengthened the ripening periods. (This scientifically based project was originally called Project Z, due to the extreme nature of our efforts. The name was affectionately adopted for the wine, which is why it’s called De Toren Z).

By using all the natural elements at our disposal and implementing the latest viticultural and oenology practices, we have harvested and hand sorted the best fruits that the earth can give us, to grow the ultimate Merlot. De Toren Z is now achieving the magical ratings of 92 and 93 points from major wine magazines around the world and has truly arrived.

To celebrate this landmark 10th vintage we have bottled a 100% Merlot from this special single vineyard and have called it De Toren Z Decade.

De Toren Z Decade is not sold over the counter or available in restaurants. It is an exclusive offer for our loyal mailing list clients. 1120 individually numbered bottles have been produced especially for your enjoyment!