Born from an unwavering passion to craft one of the world’s most premium Malbec wines, we proudly present the 2021 vintage official release of De Toren Patronus. Meticulously nurtured with utmost precision, this exceptional Malbec epitomizes the core of De Toren’s relentless quest for excellence, reflecting our rich heritage of exclusivity and artistry.

We nurture a profound commitment to safeguarding nature, a philosophy deeply woven into our culture. The design of De Toren Patronus’ packaging was meticulously crafted to honour our estate’s unwavering commitment to sustainable agriculture. It draws inspiration from earthly elements and the Latin word ‘patron,’ evoking a sense of nostalgia for eras we never experienced firsthand yet continue to yield fruitful inspiration.

With an extremely limited production of a mere four barrels, this wine is sourced from distinctive terroir, with carefully chosen, hand-cultivated vines lending their grace to its exceptional character. As the journey unfolds, the depths of complexity unravel, revealing layers upon layers of regal purple fruits and fully ripened plums.

The 2021 vintage unveils an alluring shade of dark, inky purple. Greeted by hints of cedar, each sip carries forth the grandeur of the nose, as subtle nuances of sweet vanilla intersect with a tangy, currant-like raspberry flavour. A robust tannin structure brings a dry, yet satisfying closure to the discerning palate.

Martin Fourie | Winemaker

The inaugural vintage, which reached a sold-out status before its official release, has generated an unparalleled level of demand. We highly advise securing your chosen bottles promptly to add this unique wine to your cellar collection.

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Fusion V granted a stellar 95 points by Tim Atkin

Enhanced vineyard quality by means of advanced pruning