At De Toren, as we relentlessly pursue the creation of world-class Bordeaux-style wines, our winemaking team remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, both in our cellar and vineyards.

With this philosophy in mind, the cutting-edge Felco electro-portable scissors we’ve integrated into our viticulture operations exemplify the forefront of technology.

The ergonomic nature and design also greatly ease movements for our De Toren vineyard team, reducing strain on their arm, hand, and shoulder muscles. With electronic triggers, it effortlessly navigates around branches and maintains precision and quality. This automation boosts pruning speed, increases accuracy, ensures consistent cuts, and eliminates blisters and calluses, benefiting our vineyard team.

Using these battery-powered scissors requires a refined technique to avoid damaging shoots and in turn, attracting unwanted fungi. Our viticulturist is relentlessly committed to ensuring that the team is educated and equipped to stimulate rather than damage the growth of our vines.

One of its most significant benefits is heightened tracking and management of pruning productiveness, a capability previously unavailable. Each pair of scissors features a built-in monitoring meter, capturing vital data like daily cuts and hours per person. This empowers our winemaking team to efficiently manage efficacy and identify key areas of focus.

In summary, this innovative tool amplifies pruning preciseness, ensuring even greater consistency and quality in our vineyards and, consequently, in our iconic Bordeaux-style blends.

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