At De Toren, we aspire towards staying true to our promise of ‘Experience Exceptional’. In doing so, we have always aimed toward producing perfectly balanced and complex wines of only the highest quality for our clients’ sheer enjoyment. Speaking of which, we decided to take a closer look at our De Toren wine collection through the eyes of our valued clients, as shared on Vivino, one of the world’s largest online wine communities.

We were thrilled to be informed by Vivino that De Toren is one of the most globally searched South African brands on this online platform. To this point, we decided to take a closer look at some recent reviews to see how the Vivino community views our wine collection…

What are the Vivino community saying about De Toren’s wines?

The Black Lion

“A bucket list wine. Big, bold, smooth and all what you expect a world class Shiraz to be.”

5* Vivino Review by David Fabricius | Jan 2017, United Kingdom

“Cannot help to agree with 5 stars. I am not a Shiraz fan but if all Shiraz taste like this, I will drink Shiraz all day and all night. This is the kind of bottle which you almost don’t want to share.”

5* Vivino Review by James Geldenhuys | Dec 2016, South Africa

Review The Black Lion on Vivino


“Bottle nr 801 of 892. This is absolutely in a class of its own. Never tasted anything like this, the price compliment this work of art! Blackberry and current, but I will fail this wine if I try to explain it! Secure your own bottle and experience it!”

5* Vivino Review by Tokkas | Jan 2019, South Africa

“What a superb Bordeaux blend from one of the best winemakers in South Africa! This wine was a sensational addition to a stunning birthday dinner, but what is very clear is that although it is currently a sensational wine it will continue to improve year after year and can continue for 40+ years! Tons of dark stone fruit, chocolate, leather, oak, touches of coffee and even a little liquorice.”

5* Vivino Review by Rhys Owain | Dec 2019, South Africa

Review Book XVII on Vivino

De Toren Fusion V

“Amazingly complex Bordeaux style blend. Fell in love with the 1999 vintage at Disney’s Jiko and have been a fan since. Old world quality, terroir, and long finish at New world pricing.”

5* Vivino Review by Ronnie Ferrell | Nov 2021, United States

“Fantastic robust wine, fruit forward with the right amount of tannins.”

5* Vivino Review by Gracie Bee | Aug 2021, United States

Review De Toren Fusion V on Vivino

De Toren Z

“One of the best wines I’ve tasted for a very long time. Wonderful taste, with a sophisticated balance.”

4.3* Vivino Review by Rickard Gillberg | Jan 2022, Sweden

“Nice dark ruby colour with high tannin. Aromas of oak, vanilla, chocolate, plum, and blackcurrant. Flavours of dark fruit, caramel, and vanilla create a well-balanced and complex blend. Smooth, rich, and a long finish.”

4.5* Vivino Review by Matthew Mercier | Jul 2021, USA

Review De Toren Z on Vivino

De Toren Délicate

“One of my favs. Light, easy to drink and full of flavour. Love the fact when it’s slightly chilled you can taste berries and it comes across even more smooth.”

4.1* Vivino Review by Yatish Bhagat | Mar 2022, Zimbabwe

“A superb addition to De Toren’s range. Light and translucent red. Big on ripe strawberries, almost overwhelming. Light and fresh and a good feel and taste in the mouth. Served chilled with a chicken stew. Need to find more of this one for the cellar.”

4.5* Vivino Review by Stephen Chambers | Jan 2019, South Africa

Review De Toren Délicate on Vivino

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