In the world of fine wine, milestones are not just markers in time but echoes of craftsmanship, passion and excellence. As we stand in the cusp of 2024, De Toren marks an extraordinary chapter in its legacy – 25 years of dedication to the art of winemaking.

The 1999 maiden vintage of our iconic De Toren Fusion V Bordeaux blend has set the stage for an unparalleled journey, one reaching beyond our expectations. A quarter of a century later, we will raise our glasses to an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of crafting exceptional wines that have and will continue to grace tables and tantalise palates around the globe.  

To honour this momentous occasion, we are launching a year-long celebration. Throughout 2024, a select few cases of older vintages will be released, offering an extremely rare opportunity to experience the evolution of distinct expressions in our wines.

As we get our glasses ready to raise a toast to 25 years, we invite you to delve into your own collection and share with us the stories and memories that were made in the company of De Toren wines. Whether they were made 20 years ago or recently; in a small city or a Michelin-star restaurant; over a festive season or a significant birthday, we’d love to hear it all.

Share your stories by responding to this email address or send us a voicenote on our dedicated WhatsApp line: +27 73 022 8322.

Here’s to the past, the future and the countless stories still waiting to be uncorked!

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