n the world of winemaking, the path to perfection is a winding one, often marked by innovation, experimentation, and an unwavering commitment to quality. At De Toren, this journey led us to a bold decision that will ultimately shape the destiny of our iconic Edition Z 2019. Earning a prestigious 94-point rating from the renowned British Master of Wine, Tim Atkin, the stage is set for this exceptional blend.

Our journey began with an experimental blend previously released from our cellar, known as the De Toren Edition Z 2017 Director’s Reserve. This venture was marked by curiosity and a genuine desire to explore the untapped potential of our vineyards. It showcased a blend exclusively featuring Merlot and Cabernet Franc, a combination that embodied the purest form of a Right-Bank style wine. Little did we know that this experiment would unveil a treasure trove of flavours and possibilities, the catalyst for the reimagining of our Edition Z blend.

The choice to transition our attention from a 5-varietal Bordeaux blend to a more centred approach, emphasizing Merlot and Cabernet Franc for the Edition Z 2019 vintage blend, was a decision made with careful consideration. It required a profound understanding of our vineyards, their history, and their unique terroir. Many of our vineyards had matured gracefully over more than two decades, with Merlot gaining depth and concentration whilst our Cabernet Franc vines gained purity, finesse, and precision.

The 2019 vintage also strongly affirmed our winemaking team’s choice to pivot toward this authentic Right-Bank style approach. The vintage offers the perfect canvas for crafting exceptional wine. These wines are celebrated for their elegance, balance, and the harmonious marriage of Merlot and Cabernet Franc. It was an evolution that celebrated our vineyards’ legacy, the essence of a remarkable vintage, and the artistry of our winemakers.

In every bottle of De Toren Edition Z 2019, you will discover the culmination of an odyssey that began as an innovative initiative and evolved into a magnificent expression of the Right-Bank style. It is a reminder that excellence in winemaking is not a destination but a continuous evolution, a commitment to crafting wines that inspire and endure.

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