There’s an undeniable pleasure in pouring a glass of fine wine from a bottle that was carefully cellared to withstand the test of time. We are delighted to share the notes on our 2013 Left- and Right Bank vintages, currently exhibiting their finest qualities.

De Toren Fusion V 2013

Winemaker: Charles Williams

Made from a vintage that turned quite cold and wet towards the period in which our Cabernet Sauvignon was in its final stages of ripening, the wine is now just stepping out of its cocoon phase, having completed the transition from a young wine to a slightly more matured version.

Although the wine is initially quite shy, the nose is precise, clean and vibrant. It showcases classic Left Bank Bordeaux notes, with red berries, caramel, graphite, fennel and some integrated cedar/oak. On the palate, the subtle effects of a decade in the bottle is just starting to show. The wine has a remarkable persistence on the pallet, achieved by the perfect integration of a fine-grained tannin structure and a vibrant acidity. The 2013 vintage is a splendid marriage of old-world charm with new-world precision.

De Toren Z 2013

Winemaker: Charles Williams

At first sight, the colour is still characteristically dark and intense, a development of a slight brick red is noted on the edge and may be hinting toward the wine’s first decade being completed. First impressions on the nose is of juiciness, intensity and vibrancy. Purple fruit, ripe blueberries, an almost jasmine-like floral note and sweet fennel create a very complex introduction to the wine. Swirling the wine reviews just a touch of leather and allows those pleasant tertiary notes to momentarily show itself before reverting back to the more primal notes initially described.

Given the intensity of the nose one would be forgiven for expecting quite a big, dense pallet. Although the wine has great substance, it is the mouthwatering acidity of the wine that makes the first impression. The pallet is complex and defined, showcasing sun-kissed red fruit, just-ripe cranberry acidity, and some carefully judged oak that has now integrated perfectly. The wine ends off with a long, lingering taste, persisting on the middle of tongue.

When it comes to the development of character during the ageing process, Right Bank blends typically become more intense with darker fruits emerging as it ages, where Left Bank blends tend to age more gracefully, becoming leaner and more elegant. Our Cellar Master recommends drinking these 2013 vintages within the next 2-5 years. For those who prefer a more mature wine, ageing for up to 25 years is possible with optimal cellaring.

Whether opening a 2013 vintage from your cellar for a little over-the-top dinner with fellow connoisseurs, or a gathering of two companions with an honest table setting of only glass and wine, we know it will be worthy of the decade-long patience.

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