We are proud to announce and unveil the new, extraordinary look of our famed Left-Bank Bordeaux styled blend, De Toren Fusion V. This reveal accompanies both the remarkable 2019 vintage official release and celebrates the 20th edition of this iconic Cabernet Sauvignon-dominated blend and its tremendous success over the past two decades. The idea behind the reimagination of De Toren Fusion V’s new look was never to revolutionise, but rather to evolve by subtly enhancing elements unique to the authentic look of this true classic.

Refined Iconic Look Revealed

Each refinement made to the label was carefully considered to best reflect De Toren’s heritage. Given that the iconic De Toren Fusion V was instrumental in putting the estate’s Bordeaux-style blends on the global map, it was decided to let the label evolve from its former look, rather than to completely alter it.

There is a wealth of symbolism and significance in the new label wrapped around each elegant bottle of De Toren Fusion V. From the understated, natural background and subtle diamond pattern that echoes De Toren’s logo, to the handcrafted metallic gold typography and classic fonts, the label speaks to our meticulous attention to detail in all things. The gold in the label, a colour that denotes passion, prosperity, and tradition, accentuates the value of the eminent Fusion V, while the rich burgundy, with its decidedly regal air, provides a fitting backdrop for De Toren’s iconic lion and mirrors the beautiful colour of the famed blend.

“This considered approach gives a nod towards the De Toren heritage, of which we are understandably very proud, and means the brand will remain recognisable despite the refresh that its packaging has undergone. The personalised, signatory touch, along with the tagline ‘Experience Exceptional’ underpins De Toren Fusion V as a discerning choice.

The Vintage of Ultimate Balance

You will notice how the 2019 vintage demonstrates many European characteristics, most likely due to the season’s cooler weather conditions. While this has brought about new levels of magic in comparison to previous vintages – such as a sense of purity and a phenolic ripeness at a lower sugar level – the varietal’s hallmark characteristics of balance and harmony remain pleasingly apparent.

“On the nose, one will find a bouquet of ripe sweet red cherries, blueberries, sweet spice, and subtle oak nuances accentuating the fruit. Integrated and tremendously elegant. Vastly reminiscent of a young Bordeaux in my opinion.”
-Charles Williams, Cellar Master-

The Fusion V tasting profile is vibrant and moderately full-bodied. The tannins are finely grained yet polished and the red cherry bouquet is unmistakable – leaving the 2019 vintage creamy, layered and delightfully well balanced for its age. It’s certainly a case of classy exterior meets quality interior – just what De Toren intended.

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