In keeping true to our roots, De Toren is proud to contribute to the conservation of mother nature. In honour of our African roots, we recently adopted Kimba, a white rhino, one of the species amongst the world’s most threatened.

Kimba – a white rhino bull, weighing more than two tons, is only 12 years of age and currently finds his home to be in the Lewa Savannah at Zürich Zoo, Switzerland.

Africa has been inhabited by rhinos for more than a million years, and rhinos play a vital role in the ecosystem. South Africa was once home to a large number of white rhinoceroses. By the end of the 19th century, humans had almost completely eliminated the southern white rhino. The rhino population in South Africa was reduced to just 20-50 animals.

By 2012, the population had recovered to around 21,000 rhinos as a result of intensive protection efforts and numerous translocations. Since poaching has increased again, the population has shrunk and continues to decline.

Hence, De Toren proudly supports all conservation efforts to protect our white rhinos.

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