From the beginning, the merging of art, innovation, science and craftsmanship has driven De Toren to become one of South Africa’s most famed and respected wineries today. As a proud producer of fine South African red wines, we celebrated SA Heritage Month in September with the exclusive limited release of merely 529 bottles of our special edition, De Toren Fusion V Grappa.

In true pioneering style, De Toren Private Cellar, the masters of Bordeaux, collaborated with the master distiller, Wilderer, who specializes in crafting luxury gin and grappa. From this elite partnership came the limited edition De Toren Fusion V Grappa.

Inspired by our iconic De Toren Fusion V wine and the meticulous steps in crafting this iconic blend, the idea of this Fusion V Grappa was born. Using the various De Toren grape skins, five cultivar-specific spirits were skilfully distilled separately, each representative of our iconic Fusion V red blend, namely Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. Following the individual distillation, the blending process commenced, after which the blended spirit was matured in a single French Oak barrel.

The gloriously golden-hued De Toren Fusion V Grappa is redolent of seamless notes on the palate – compliments of the Oak maturation. Ultimately, it is the result of exceptional craftsmanship.

– Charles Williams | Cellar Master

The beautiful packaging of this limited-edition collector’s item was inspired by our De Toren Fusion V wine label, with each bottle individually hand-numbered and carefully packaged in its exceptional French Oak case. The first of a series of special releases to come…

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