Year-after-year, when the vines start to bud and bloom, we are reminded that Spring isn’t just a feeling, it’s a flavour sweetening the air. In the spirit of the South African Spring, we are delighted to finally introduce our new artisanal cheese and charcuterie platters, to be shared and enjoyed alongside a relaxing wine tasting at the estate.

The selection process behind our platters was an artful consideration of elements to charm the senses. We partnered with a private chef for a list of recommendations and went through a selection process with tastings and wine pairings. Together with the Winemaker and Cellar Master, the team at De Toren took tasting seriously (as we always do), focusing on the intensity of each flavourful element paired with each of our De Toren wines. Additions to the platters were carefully considered to ignite the senses even further and leave a lingering memory after a visit to the estate.

Our cheese and charcuterie platter include cumin infused Boerenkaas, Gruberg Mature cheddar and an old, traditional favourite being Brie. Each, carefully selected to pair exceptionally with each of the respective De Toren premium wines, i.e. De Toren Délicate, De Toren Z and De Toren Fusion V. The cheese selection is complimented with Prosciutto, Bündnerfleish, smoked Chorizo and easy-to-nibble salami sticks.

Our seasonal pick for a preserve is a bold yet balanced mint-and-basil pesto adding visual and piquant zest. Add a generous sprinkle of roasted luxury nuts, savoury kalamata olives, rosemary-parmesan shortbread and fresh, crunchy bread bites, and you’re in food heaven. We serve food heaven on natural, hygienic slate platters and in handmade ceramic bowls. The passion goes down to the last detail and, of course, the very last of it is a glass of De Toren wine.

We invite you to celebrate the harmony of Spring, food and wine pairing upon your next visit to De Toren.

Platter bookings prior to your visit is advisable via
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