Celebrated for its flawless excellence and luxurious tastes, this 100% Shiraz exemplifies De Toren’s commitment and mastery in the craft of winemaking.

The Black Lion represents a distinctive reflection of exceptional terroirs that yield the highest caliber Shiraz, the sole varietal in the De Toren collection not cultivated on our estate. The infusion of Swartland’s granite-rich soils and Stellenbosch’s iconic ironstone traits converge to create a wine boasting a sophisticated and refined character.

Selected for their exceptional qualities and in collaboration with the host-farm, each of the chosen vineyards undergoes cultivation by the dedicated hands of our viticulture team during the entire growing season. As the sun ascends on the day of harvest initiation, a team of proficient women delicately hand-selects the bunches, which are then carefully transported in small lug boxes to the cellar, where they await the winemaker’s expertise.

The 2022 vintage presents a symphony of flavours, with deep, luscious notes of blackberry and a lingering velvety texture, offering an indulgent journey through the De Toren vineyards.

Limited to just five barrels, each bottle is labelled and numbered by hand. Encased within a secure, custom-crafted wooden display case and accompanied by the iconic De Toren key, this wine demands a final touch of manual effort from the client during the uncorking process before ultimate enjoyment; a culmination of the labour-intensive craftsmanship involved in creating this exclusive wine. With the potential to age gracefully for over three decades through proper cellaring, The Black Lion beckons to be a cherished collectible.

Whether you are a seasoned wine expert or an enthusiast seeking an exceptional sensory journey, The Black Lion’s 2022 vintage vows to enchant and gratify your palate with its unmatched opulence and intricacy.

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An evolution of Edition Z

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