Innovation & Sustainability

Winemaker Charles on the 2019 Vintage…

18 Mar 2019 | BY Charles Williams

The story of the 2019 vintage commenced much earlier than one would expect. To be precise, it started merely one month after the 2018 vintage found itself snug in the cellar. The month of April 2018 brought some much needed rain and our soils soaked up every inch of this life-giving moisture. It was the […]


Innovation & Sustainability

Winemaker Charles Reviews a Year of Organic Farming…

10 Dec 2018 | BY Charles Williams

The year 2018 draws to a close, officially marking the finale of De Toren’s second year of the required three-year organic conversion period. In light of this, we review another successful year of organic farming by answering a few of the frequently asked questions… Why the decision for De Toren to convert to organic farming […]


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Introducing De Toren Délicate in its Stunning New Packaging…

21 Sep 2018 | BY Anja Bekker

In South Africa, the month of September is synonymous with Spring and everything this season symbolises, including new beginnings… And speaking of which, we are delighted to officially announce the brand new and striking new packaging of our famed De Toren Délicate! This superb red blend is still the exact same wine you have always […]



Winemaker Charles on Aspiring Towards a Sustainable Future…

21 Sep 2018 | BY Charles Williams

“We have not inherited the earth from our fathers. We have borrowed it from our children.” -Lester R. Brown, American Environmental Analyst- Most recently, I came across this very striking quote which resonated quite strongly with me. To be honest, I could not have phrased it any better myself. One does not have to be […]